13-23 AUGUST 2021
13-23 AUGUST 2021
We will visit the crater of the Mutnovsky volcano
Let's take a steam bath on the Pacific Ocean
SPA in Kamchatka every day. In the middle of the forest and with a thermal pool!
Let's get acquainted with bears and sea lions
Together we will go on a Kamchatka diet - red caviar and crabs without limits!
Let's arrange dances with tambourines in the company of Kamchatka natives
We will taste the freshest red fish soup, which we ourselves will catch
Let's arrange a powerful reboot in a great company. Clubhouse in Kamchatka
This tour contains all the most interesting things to see on your first visit to Kamchatka! As the saying goes: to see Kamchatka and... to come here again and again! We guarantee you will fall in love with this stunning peninsula! Volcanoes, bears, caviar, the Pacific Ocean... Ready for an adventure?

We have thought out the program of the tour to the smallest detail, made it rich, made sure that you enjoy every day in Kamchatka, a lot of impressions and have time to relax!
Transfer airport - Khalaktyr beach glamping "Shiksha"
Hurrah! We are where Russia begins! I want to see everything at once... but is there any strength after the flight? Heading to the Pacific Ocean to recharge your batteries is the solution!

On Khalaktyrsky beach we will have a crab party, heady fresh air and stunning views, which we will admire while sitting in a vat with warm sea water.

What about bathing and swimming in the Pacific Ocean? This is for the bravest, but... we wanted to cheer up!

We will spend the night at Shiksha Glamping.

Khalaktyr beach / Ethnic village "Kainyran"
Morning begins... no, not with coffee, but with surfing, horseback riding, paragliding or walking along the coast. It depends solely on your desires and the weather. And after lunch we will have a dance with tambourines!

We collect things and go to the ethnic village of Kainyran to immerse ourselves in the cultural customs of local peoples from the very first days. It will be interesting, we promise!

We will plunge headlong into the life of the aborigines, visit the yaranga. We will learn to weave from birch bark, sew with beads and, of course, hear Kamchatka legends and ancient ancestral songs. We will be given fragrant herbal tea, cakes and fish soup.

We will visit the sled dog kennel. The dogs are so hardy and beautiful! Many of them participate in the famous Beringia race. And also these dogs love to sing ... Perhaps they will sing for us too:)

At the end of the day, we will check into a hotel in the resort village of Paratunka with a thermal pool, where we will have the opportunity to relax and exchange experiences.
Helicopter excursion / free day
We did not include helicopter tours in the main program, but we are ready to organize them.

The famous Valley of Geysers and Kuril Lake. Is it worth going there ?! Of course yes! In addition, the views that open from the helicopter cannot be described in words!

If helicopter tours are not part of your plans, you will also see a lot of unusual things in jeeps!

On a free day, we will provide a transfer to the city and you will choose the entertainment you like (Volcanarium, kayaking, fish market...)

Boat trip to the Russkaya Bay
Avacha Bay is one of the largest in the world. The views from the boat are literally mesmerizing!

Sea lions, killer whales, bird colonies, and if you're lucky, even whales...

A boat trip in Kamchatka, as they say, is a must see! :) You will be delighted!

Jeep tour to the crater of Mutnovsky volcano + waterfall Dangerous canyon
After breakfast at the hotel, we go by jeep to the "live" Mutnovsky volcano. Fumaroles, boiling mud pots, frozen lava flows... And also acid lakes and glaciers! Probably, this is what the underworld looks like!

Having been on Mutnovka, you will sharply switch to sin, but this is not for sure!:) But the fact that this place will leave a bombing impression - 100%! You are not afraid to find yourself in the crater of an active volcano, are you? There, at the foot, there is a fault - the Opasny canyon. Space landscapes await us!

We care about your health and comfort, and therefore have prepared everything you need for a comfortable overnight stay: tent camp, guitar, wine and, of course, the starry sky.
Climbing Gorely volcano
It is not difficult at all, but endlessly exciting route. There are 11 craters in the volcano's caldera, some of which are filled with water and sulfuric acid.

Looking at the combination of colors and shades, it seems as if the whole landscape around was created by a talented artist.

And that's not all the surprises! Perhaps the main attraction of the Gorely volcano is the lava caves.

We will definitely look there!
Cape Mayachny
They say that the views from Cape Mayachny are reminiscent of Iceland... maybe! Such a picturesque place on the coast of the cape is the "Petropavlovsky Mayak", a paradise for photo shoots. And on the way, we will see an abandoned bunker, part of a tank and many more interesting objects.

Let's continue our walk in the city - in the capital of Kamchatka! Why is Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky named so? What is happening on the Hill of Love? Where are the beautiful sunsets in the city? What about delicious dishes? Where to buy souvenirs? Let's tell and show!

Vachkazhets mountain range
Fantastic landscapes await us again today! Let's go to Vachkazhets. It is a massif that consists of three rocky mountains. This is the place where you want to literally scream with delight, this mountain panorama is so beautiful. The emerald blue lake Tahkoloch and the colorful carpet of rare herbs make an indelible impression. Pink rhododendrons, wine-purple orchids, Venus shoes Yatabe (listed in the Red Book), lilies, carrots, violets... Such beauty is difficult to describe in words!

In the evening, the hotel complex "Apachinskie thermal springs" awaits us. This is an eco-style recreation center with a swimming pool. Local water has magical healing properties. So according to the plan - a SPA in Kamchatka and, of course, a delicious dinner!

Rafting on the Plotnikova river, fishing
Don't panic! You shouldn't wait for extreme events. Let's enjoy the scenery. Just imagine, mountain landscapes are replaced by forest ones, flocks of salmon scurry under the water, and bears walk along the shore! Yes Yes! The most real! The program includes fishing and fresh fish soup. Salmon spawning grounds are located in the upper reaches of the river. A great catch awaits us! Experienced guides and a cook will be in the company with us.

By the way, on the way to the place of rafting, we will visit Kamchatka "pie paradise" - the village of Sokoch. You certainly have not eaten such pies anywhere!

Airport transfer
And on the last day of our expedition, we go to the airport with a large baggage of impressions and memories of the extraordinary Kamchatka!
Apachinskie thermal springs
Recreation center, made in eco-style - built on the territory of hot springs
The night under the stars
Night under the starry Kamchatka sky, accompanied by experienced guides
Resort village Paratunka
Country house with thermal pools and Russian bath
To move we use exclusively comfortable jeeps, which increases the mobility of our movements and comfort on the road!
Glamping Shiksha
With a hot vat and a pacific bath
- Meeting at the Airport and at the end of the return transfer
- Transfer throughout the entire stay in Kamchatka
- 1 night, accommodation in "Shiksha" glamping on the Pacific Ocean coast (double occupancy)
- 5 nights, accommodation in the resort village of Paratunka, a separate house with a thermal pool, where only our group will live (double occupancy)
- 2 nights, accommodation at a recreation center, in an eco-style, built on the territory of hot thermal springs (double occupancy)
- 1 night, accommodation in comfortable tents at the foot of the volcano
- Rental of professional equipment (trekking poles, tent, sleeping bag)
- The work of experienced guides and tour guides
- Three meals a day, traditional Kamchatka dishes
- Excursion part indicated in the program (helicopter departure, if desired, is paid separately)
- Horseback riding or surfing lesson to choose from
- Additional entertainment specified in the program

- Air flight to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and back (the cost of tickets from Moscow is from 23,000, subsidized tickets for this cost appear regularly).
- Helicopter excursion (if desired, we can book for a free day).
- Additional activities outside the tour program.
How do I book a seat?
Reservation of a place for 25% prepayment. Full payment for the tour must be paid one month before the expedition.
What tickets to buy?
The average cost of tickets to Kamchatka is 23-35 thousand rubles. Subsidized direct tickets at a comfortable price appear from time to time and quickly disappear. It is possible to purchase a transfer ticket, with the possibility of exchanging it for a subsidized one upon arrival. If necessary, we will advise on the availability of a subsidized ticket.
What is the weather in August in Kamchatka?
August is considered the best month for traveling in Kamchatka. Mostly warm and sunny. In the daytime up to + 25, at night up to + 15.
No professional equipment?
We will stay in comfortable hotels most of the time. For spending the night at the foot of the volcano, our team will provide everything you need. We care about your health and comfort. Also, if you have any questions about the necessary clothes, before the trip, we will send you a list of the necessary eco-copying, so that you know exactly what you should take with you to Kamchatka.
What physical preparation is required on the route?
The route does not require any special physical training.
Will there be mobile communications and electricity?
On the routes, mobile communication may disappear, hotels have WI-FI
Can the travel program change?
The travel program may vary depending on weather conditions. Some days may change places. But we specially set the program for the end of August, since according to statistics this is the warmest and sunniest period in Kamchatka.
"I'm from Kamchatka..."
A magic phrase, followed by a bunch of questions, like "Have you seen bears? Have you been to the Valley of Geysers? And do they swim in the Pacific? Is it true that there is black sand? " No, I'm not too lazy to answer the same questions every time ... I always do it with great pleasure! :) I live in Moscow, but I was born there, among the volcanoes. Filmed tourist programs about Kamchatka for local and federal TV channels. The Pacific Ocean is my place of power.
It is impossible not to fall in love with Kamchatka! It's not just that National Geographic included Kamchatka in the list of the world's best travel destinations in 2020. Must go! I'll show you all the fun!
Over the past three years, I have visited more than 40 regions of our country and I understand how unique and diverse our cities, our nature, our residents are!
For me, Kamchatka is like Marlin for fishermen! I have been preparing for this trip for over 2 years and I want to make it 10 out of 10! This is a challenge for me! A challenge to all my fifteen years of organizing experience!
I want to make this trip such that each member of our team finds new sensations, new meanings, new friends! I am calling and waiting for you on this journey, which will radically change your attitude towards the Far East.
I am exactly the person who once came to Kamchatka and fell in love. And it could not be otherwise. After all, Kamchatka is special.
Now I live in France, but Kamchatka is still the very place where I will definitely return more than once.
Behind my back I have vast experience in organizing field events of both regional and federal scale for such companies as Sberbank, Skolkovo Technopark, the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia... And I have been in the hospitality sector for 3 years already.
I know exactly how to make the best exit. A well organized tour is not enough for me. For me, the main thing is the sincere emotions of the participants, the atmosphere and the desire of everyone to come back here again. This is what we will strive for. And this is what each of you will get on this tour.
Our partners in Kamchatka KamchatDrimTour
We seriously approach the organization of the tour, therefore, to guarantee the comfort and safety of travel in the excursion part of the program, we involve a local partner KamchatDrimTour.
A travel company with 16 years of experience in the market, listed in the register of tour operators, works with both Russian and foreign tourists.
The guys will provide us with the most reliable and proven drivers, guides and comfortable jeeps.
Instagram: kamchat_dreamtour
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